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About Three Different Groups of Arakan Army

  1. Stonewall Jackson

    Stonewall Jackson New Member

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    Apr 14, 2016
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    About Three Different Groups of Arakan Army


    Arakan Army is not a single unit. Three different groups use the same name. Each group has separate background and exclusive political leadership.

    The original one was founded in 1994 and based in Bangladesh. It is the military wing of National United Party of Arakan. It is a close alliance of Rohingya Solidarity Organisation. Most of its capable members returned to the legal fold a few years ago. So now it goes defunct.

    The next one is the continuation in another form of an Arakanese student army. It opted to use the same name for unity purpose. In the past, it took other names like Arakan New Generation Army and Arakan Student and Youth Army. Most of the time, it has been operating as a shadow army with Karen armed forces. So its existence is hardly noticed by outsiders until formally declared in 2011. It is a member of Arakan National Council, Federal Union Army and United Nationalities Federal Council. It is militarily weak but politically strong.

    The last and most popular one was organized by a splinter group of the second in 2009. It is the strongest among all. Kachin Independence Army helped it get established as a proxy force. Later some of its troops have been financially supported by United Wa Solidarity Army and Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army. It grows quickly out of hate speeches against Rohingyas and constant agitation for separation of Arakan State from Myanmar. Recently, Myanmar Government confiscated a lot of arms and drugs from this group inside the country. Unlike other groups, it is pro-China.

    Logos of different groups of Arakan Army attached.

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